Wooden Accessories: The Most Sustainable Trend in 2017

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Wooden-Accessories-The- Most-Sustainable- Trend-in-2017
Wooden accessories fashion trend is certainly one of the best trends of the last decade. Wood sunglasses, watches, bow ties and even jewelry all these things are about sustainable living.

Our century is a time of eco-friendly and natural products. The trends of recycling and using sustainable technologies touched the fashion as well. Different designers from all the world use the elements of nature in their collections. Ralph Lauren uses wood as a material for jewelry collection and creates amazing wooden jewelry; Sarah’s Bag brand presents the collection of wooden bags and wooden handbag in Cubism style from Rafe Totengco collection.  

Now, it is much more important the material than the shape or frame of the fashion item. "Where wood was once a niche element for accessories, it has transcended its traditional stereo­types, becoming an on-trend option for accessories. From thin blocks bound together with gold hardware to a chunky collar necklace combining wooden pieces with colorful ropes, wood can make a great statement necklace, and a welcome alternative to flashy, crystal-laden designs...It creates an overall look that’s sophisticated and polished, despite the material’s somewhat hippy-ish connotations." - Hafsa Lodi, The National.

Wood as the natural material creates the high-powered looks. What do fashion bloggers think about Wooden Trend? “Wearing wood watches and wooden accessories is a way to express your personal values through your fashion choices. I personally also just think it looks really modern and interesting. You don’t expect to see wood watches or wooden sunglasses. Once I started looking for other wood pieces, I realized you can get wood in a lot of different accessories. I was shocked to see high-end designers are getting in on the wood details too!” – by Stacey Freeman (Posh in Progress). 

As you see there are plenty of wooden accessories, and we made a list of accessories you much try this year:

  1. Wooden Bracelet. It is a touch of the Mother Nature, natural, nontoxic and hypoallergenic, which means that it is suitable for everyone! 
    Braided Wooden Bracelet: Handmade Trend 
  2. Wooden sunglasses. Charming and cool wooden frames. We can help you to choose among the variety we have on woodydeal.com
    Bamboo Sunglasses: Colorful Life
  3. Wooden Bowtie. This is a perfect addition to your everyday look and some special occasion. Such bow tie will make you a star whatever you are: at the office or at the party.
    Wooden Moustache: Bow Tie for Men
  4. Wooden watch. We call it: beauty in details. What can be better? Natural materials, Japanese Quartz, engraved elements and unique geometrical shapes.
    Bamboo Wooden Watch: Wild Nature
  5. Wooden Phone Cases. Such an accessory is protective, attractive and handy. It goes with every style and you don’t need to worry about the quality, it is always 100% natural wood.
    Bamboo Wooden Phone Case: Be Unique (for iPhone) FREE CUSTOMIZED NAME


If you want to bring beauty and the natural elements into your life, we are welcome you to make the first purchase in our store!

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